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Charity's 'Santa shocker' for primary kids

A charity has been banned from a primary school after one of its workers told children there is no such thing as Santa Claus.

An assembly was meant to be about Advent but the charity worker leading it dropped her Santa bombshell ... and then invited up two children to smash a chocolate Santa and reindeer with hammers.

Parents learned about the incident from their children, and one mum said: "To say that I am furious is an understatement."

Santa shocker: Fleet Wood Lane Primary School has banned the Mary Bass Charity from returning. Photo (TIM WILSON): 051218-4
Santa shocker: Fleet Wood Lane Primary School has banned the Mary Bass Charity from returning. Photo (TIM WILSON): 051218-4

Posting on Facebook, the mum said: "I was asking my six-year-old this evening if he was planning to write a letter to Santa. He said 'there is no such thing as Santa, he is just a made up thing."

The little boy went on to describe how the worker from the Mary Bass Charity broke the news about Santa, also telling children "there is no St Nicholas", and then "got a big girl and a small girl to come up in assembly and smash a chocolate Santa and a chocolate reindeer with a hammer".

Fleet Wood Lane Primary School had a meeting for parents, with staff explaining the message is "not supported by the school and does not support the school's core views".

But the parent who had posted on Facebook said the meeting had left her with questions.

These included:

* What is the safeguarding protocol regarding a stranger coming into school with two hammers?


* Who do I bill for the therapy my emotionally damaged child may need to rectify all the brainwashing that he has been subjected to this entire term?"

Fleet Wood Lane head teacher Rachael Cotton said: "I have written to parents stating that some of the presentation by the Mary Bass Charity in a school assembly was inappropriate and assured them that we will not be using representatives from this charity again.

"We have apologised to parents and children and totally sympathise with their concerns.

"The health and safety of our pupils and appropriate teaching and learning are a priority at this school and we will continue to provide them with good quality education to ensure they flourish and thrive."

The Peterborough-based Mary Bass Charity has not commented on the incident but it will spark an urgent meeting of trustees.

Mike Griffin, clerk to the trustees, said: "All I can say at the moment is our trustees are arranging a meeting urgently to discuss the situation before Christmas."

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