Charity rescues street dog from Turkey after owners die

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A street dog in Turkey has been rescued by a Holbeach-based charity after its British owners and their other two pets died within months of each other.

Liz and Lol Lowe retired abroad seven years ago taking with them two dogs, Posh and Becks, from the local branch of the Lincolnshire, Essex and Trent Boxer Rescue.

The couple had been loyal fundraisers for the charity before emigrating and kept in touch while in Turkey. It was there that they rescued a Labrador cross street dog, which they named Bobby.

Dawn Nicholls, founder of the local branch in Holbeach, said: “Imagine how upset we were when we heard first Becks had died, then Lol, then Posh and finally Liz in just over a year.

“We couldn’t leave Bobby out there to fen for himself. He was taken in by dog rescue in Turkey but they are not like ours - they just chuck the food into the cages.

“Bobby’s so soft and lovely he wouldn’t have fought for it - he would have died.”

Dawn went to the charity’s website and asked forum members what they should do and opinion was unanimous - rescue him.

An appeal was launched raising £2,800 to cover the cost of shipping him back.

Bobby arrived in Holbeach by courier after travelling three days.

Dawn said: “He was really pleased to get out of the van and get something to eat.

“We kept him overnight and he’s such a lovely dog. I’d love to keep him but my own Boxer wouldn’t have it.

Now we just want to find him the home he deserves.”

Until a home is found, Bobby will be cared for at the Blazegate Boarding Kennels in Lutton.

Aged seven, he has been fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.

Anyone interested in adopting him should call Dawn on 01406 490350.