Charity is givingsouth LIncolnshire sports clubs us a heads up about sports concussion

Concussion poster ANL-160428-154012001
Concussion poster ANL-160428-154012001
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A Lincolnshire brain injury charity is set to ask local sports clubs to be concussion aware as part of a new national campaign to be launched this month.

Headway Lincolnshire, which supports local people affected by brain injury, will launch the Concussion Aware campaign during Action for Brain Injury Week, which takes place from May 9 to 15.

Headway Lincolnshire ANL-160428-154024001

Headway Lincolnshire ANL-160428-154024001

“Sport plays a key role in keeping us fit and healthy,” said Ann-Marie Smith, information and support worker for Headway Lincolnshire.

“At Headway, we want to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy sport, while being better protected from the risks of concussion.

“A great deal has been achieved in the past few years to improve concussion protocols, with the emphasis being placed on elite-level sport to set a good example for others to follow.

“But we believe everyone who plays sport should be concussion aware – particularly those at grassroots level who are playing purely for the love of it and do not have ambulances and doctors on standby should something go wrong.

Ann-Marie Smith ANL-160428-155618001

Ann-Marie Smith ANL-160428-155618001

“We hope that through this campaign, we can encourage sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities in our region to ensure their members or pupils are aware of concussion and sign up to an ‘if in doubt, sit it out’ approach.”

When the campaign is officially launched next week, sports clubs and academic institutions will have access to a range of materials, including a factsheet giving advice about concussion, posters to display both online and in changing rooms, and a digital stamp to demonstrate the club has adopted a responsible approach to concussion.

In the meantime, Headway Lincolnshire is inviting sports clubs to register interest in supporting the campaign or fundraising for the charity during Action for Brain Injury Week.

For further information on the campaign, visit or to find out how you can support Headway Lincolnshire during Action for Brain Injury Week and beyond, call 07546592526 or email

About concussion

Concussion is a temporary disturbance in the brain’s functioning as a result of a blow to the head. It is often referred to as a minor head or minor traumatic brain injury.

Signs of concussion to look out for include:

• Dizziness;

• Nausea;

• Unsteadiness;

• Confusion;

• Slurred speech;

• Blurred or distorted vision.

These symptoms can take place immediately following the impact to the head, or they might develop hours, days or even weeks after the impact.

They are normal symptoms to experience, and in most cases will improve by themselves within a couple of weeks.

However if the symptoms persist or become problematic, seek advice from a medical professional immediately.

Key facts

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is an umbrella term for any injury to the brain sustained since birth, excluding neurodegenerative conditions.

The most common forms of ABI are traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke.

Other causes include brain tumour, meningitis, aneurysm, haemorrhage, encephalitis, anoxia, and other conditions.

ABI admissions in the UK increased by 10 per cent between 2005-6 and 2013-14.

There were approximately 956 ABI admissions per day to UK hospitals in 2013-14 – or one every 90 seconds.

In 2013-14, there were 23,462 admissions for head injury in the East Midlands area, equating to 64 admissions each day of the year

Men are 1.6 times more likely than women to be admitted for head injury. However, female head injury admissions have risen 24 per cent since 2005-6.

In 2013-14, there were 130,551 UK admissions for stroke. That is an increase of nine per cent since 2005-6 and equates to one every four minutes.

About Headway

Headway Lincolnshire is a registered charity which was set up to provide support and understanding for both a person with a brain injury and those caring for them.

The charity currently holds monthly Social Support group meetings in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham.

It also holds regular social activities for its members.

For more details please call Headway Lincolnshire on 07546592526 or email


Latest news and events can also be found on the Facebook page and on the website.

Headway Lincolnshire’s volunteers are the lifeblood of the charity. People want to volunteer with the charity for a number of reasons.

If you would be interested in finding out more about volunteering with Headway Lincolnshire, and the current volunteer roles available, contact them using the methods above for more information.