Charity gives cat neutering offer to limit ‘strays colony’

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A charity is offering cat owners in Spalding and Holbeach a discount to tackle the number of strays in the area.

Spaywatch, an animal neutering charity based in Peterborough, wants families in South Holland to take up its invitation to have their cats treated for just £10.

Trustee Jane Huggins said: “There’s a problem in the countryside with a colony of feral cats, including a huge colony in Lutton Marsh, so we’re concerned about preventing the birth of unwanted animals in the South Holland.

“But we appreciate that people can sometimes find it difficult to afford the cost of neutering which could be between £30 and £60.

“Our charity has more than 70 vets across four countries that are part of our discounted neutering scheme and when people call us, we find the nearest vet to them.

“We also help with dog neutering and other small animals because they can’t speak, so we must speak for them.”

Formed in 1988, Spaywatch referred nearly 3,000 animals to vets for discounted neutering in the year 2015-16, with more than 90 having come from Spalding and Holbeach alone.

Ms Huggins said: “We’re tackling the problem of unwanted animals at source.”

For more details, call Spaywatch on 01733 370198 or 07484 161151 or go to its Facebook page.