Changing face of Spalding’s station area

Station Approach in Spalding as it once looked.
Station Approach in Spalding as it once looked.
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Station Approach: very different to the way it looks today.

By the time of these photographs goods traffic was in decline although it was still busy with seed potatoes and coal coming in, and flowers and Lockwood’s canned goods going out.

Does anyone remember this scene from Spalding's past?

Does anyone remember this scene from Spalding's past?

The coal merchant’s yard offices always had huge coal fires, a haven for lorry drivers in their lunch breaks on a winter’s day.

By 1990 all the freight business had gone over to road haulage.

The adjoining cattle market was also running down and so the whole area was redeveloped into the roads, shops and car parks we have today.

The street scene is unrecognisable, only the Station Gates inn and the corner shop remain.

A new main road passes in front of the railway station buildings, usefully diverting traffic from the town centre but creating difficult and dangerous junctions which now have congestion problems.

A sensible suggestion has been made to simplify the junctions by closing off this end of Swan Street. This seemed to work well when it was recently closed off for sewer repairs and would allow the removal of two sets of traffic lights and perhaps create safer routes for cyclists.

It would also provide the opportunity to relocate the bus station closer to the town centre.

A large area of Spalding completely transformed but not yet ideal; it still needs some work. On a moonlit night you might see the ghosts of Ted Hancock, the coalman, and his dog, always around in those days, keeping watch on progress.

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