Changing face of Herring Lane in Spalding

Herring Lane in Spalding in 1960.
Herring Lane in Spalding in 1960.
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The Civic Society is sharing a series of pictures showing changes in Spalding over the last 50 years.

There would have been smokeries nearby. It would have been the main access route from the Priory to the waterfront. A very busy place.

There have been significant changes since the 1960s, mainly the loss of Harrington House and its outbuildings seen here on the right-hand side. This was a fine Georgian house latterly the offices of the Holland County Council Planning Department and was demolished along with the Norwood Hotel in Broad Street in 1972 to provide space for the present car park. We know we have to have car parks but this was a particularly unfortunate decision. The redeeming feature is the revelation of Elsom House, a fine 1930s building, rare in Spalding and very well restored after being threatened with demolition in 1990.

On the left is the Lincolnshire Poacher, unchanged except for its name, being originally The Crane Inn with obvious commercial port connections and the centre of waterfront activity. What tales could it tell ?

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