Changes to fire service in Spalding over the years

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Dennis Fell spent his whole career in Spalding, becoming leading fireman in charge of the crew in around 1975/76.

During his time as a fireman, the station was moved from Westlode Street to West Elloe Avenue in the town.

Just as the uniform altered – Dennis began with yellow helmet, tunic and yellow waterproof leggings – so the service changed over the years.

As well as working with first-class equipment, the firemen were issued with bleepers – and Dennis says his sleep was interrupted quite a bit over the years, although his wife Edie slept through it.

The work changed too as the increasing number of vehicles on the road led to more traffic accidents. Dennis has seen and still remembers the tragic consequences of some of them.

Dennis was the last of the four full-time firemen to retire and believes he is the only one remaining.

He is watching proposals to man the station 24 hours a day with interest and possibly slight envy over the modern bathroom facilities and comfortable beds that will be installed for the staff – in contrast to the bunk beds and basic provisions in his time.