Celebrations for Marion after 30 years in business

Marion Read, dressmaker, Gosberton
Marion Read, dressmaker, Gosberton
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Marion Read is celebrating 30 years of work as a tailor in the area.

Marion, who runs her business from her home in Quadring, has been creating garments and curtains for people across the country, not just the county, and hopes to carry on for years to come.

Marion said: “My mum was always interested in sewing and dressmaking, so I think that is where my passion came from.

“When I was young I would sit at the table and sew at home using a hand machine – it’s all changed now, though.”

Marion offers a range of different services, including making bridal wear, day wear, prom dresses, evening wear, curtains and making alterations, and says that nothing is impossible.

Marion said: “If a client brings a design in to me, I can look at it and make their dream real.

“Clients can bring fabrics with them and I will use those, or I can source them too.”

The well-known tailor now uses a sewing machine with a computer built into it which, Marion says, is much different from when she began.

She said: “Everything is different now.

“I use the internet, mostly, to find fabrics to work with and my sewing machine has a computer in it.

“You just punch in what you want to do with the stitching and off you go!

“I had my first electric machine for 25 years, and then I got my latest one – they do last for a very long time – and you only need a machine to get up and running.”

Sewing and tailoring have been brought back into the front of people’s minds in recent years, with the introduction of the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee, and Marion is thrilled.

She said: “It’s great – it generates interest for the younger generation and it encourages them to have a go which is really important, especially as it’s not taught in school anymore – anyone can learn to sew.

“When I started, it was a case of sink or swim. I swam and I hope to keep swimming too!”