Celebration for little people cancelled

Jessica Ward with her family (from left) Nathan (8), mum Laura, dad Carl and Ashley (3). Photo:SG041011-226NG
Jessica Ward with her family (from left) Nathan (8), mum Laura, dad Carl and Ashley (3). Photo:SG041011-226NG
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A big open celebration for little people due to be held at Donington next weekend has been cancelled after a row over Star Wars actor Warwick Davis attending.

Seven-year-old Jessica Ward and her parents, who planned the party at their village community centre for people with dwarfism and their families in Dwarfism Awareness month, are devastated.

They invited their friend Warwick and his family and told people he was coming only to find members of the 40-year-old Restricted Growth Association planned to stay away, apparently in protest.

Jessica’s mum Laura said: “There were some really horrible messages on Facebook about it, claiming that Warwick was just doing it for himself and that it was about celebrity.

“We don’t know if it was just a group of members or the association itself which objected but either way the party couldn’t go ahead.

“We just wanted to organise an event here in Lincolnshire that people of all heights could come along and enjoy.

“We invited everyone on our Facebook friends list from both the RGA and LPUK.

“We met Warwick through Little People UK, the organisation he helped found in January this year, I didn’t even know he was famous.

“He’s a lovely chap and agreed straight away to bring his wife Samantha and the two children, who are lovely as well, when we invited him.”

The Ward family featured in the Lincolnshire Free Press last October for Dwarfism Awareness Month, celebrating Jessica’s achievements as a bright, happy girl who just happens to have achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism – and asking people to come up and talk to her and them, not look away or whisper.

Laura said: “Jessica was upset we had to cancel the party, but she bounces back and gets on with her life and so do we – we’re looking forward to a big meeting of Little People UK at Corby on October 20, and have made a great Facebook page for Jessica.”

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