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Spalding's Callum Brazzo: "So happy we have Rainbow Stars Disability Hub in Sleaford"

The Rainbow Stars Disability Hub is open!

The Sleaford-based charity headed up by Jane Peck and supported by her team have been shining for five years with the hub being a culmination of that work.

I spent my Saturday morning in a room buzzing with energy, packed with generations of people from children to older individuals, on 2 Kesteven Street next to North Kesteven District Council.

Callum Brazzo, Spalding.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-130218-137TW (17311281)
Callum Brazzo, Spalding.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-130218-137TW (17311281)


An extremely accessible venue which lends itself beautifully to the established National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) across a car park and is simply known to me as the arts centre.

The more I’m in Sleaford, the deeper in love I seem to fall with the arts centre being a consistent part of that pleasure and the Rainbow Stars Disability Hub is only going to add to that.

I am immensely proud of Rainbow Stars’ achievement on a personal level but I also feel great pride in the town of Sleaford and its people for recognising a need and creating something wonderful in response.

Speaking of Spalding specifically, whilst I do believe the foundation is there for making things happen, we have yet to create a hub like Rainbow Stars.

The Mayor Of Sleaford cut the rope to welcome us officially to the hub and I smiled at pictures showing David Snape and I in rainbow wigs at a charity event for Rainbow Stars, immersed myself in the sense of community and felt the reverberations of good vibes.

Contributing to the environment with a certain appeal....were bananas marked with motivational quotes such as ‘Be yourself’ and ‘Believe.’

Both the foyer where we waited and the hub itself,once we were filling the space, were very busy and I think that all involved did very well to manage the people and regulate any anxieties and sensory needs they may have been handling.

Moving forward, Rainbow Stars will be doing their absolute best to ensure that their solid and clear support base is catered for; And I believe they will!

Closer to home, Going Forward and Little Miracles had their Halloween parties whilst Autistic Led had a themed film night. Serving our local community is something close to all of our hearts and it’s integral to the national picture that we carry on with our efforts.

In some other news, November is Autistic History Month. Amonth to remember our culture’s history and people that played prominent roles in it. The people we’ve lost and the people we have. The events that changed our world, for better and for worse, and to bring us together for a more enlightened and empowered future. The closures of facilities like Willowbrook State School in America, the ongoing tragedies at the Judge Rotenberg Center, the puzzle piece and Infinity symbol respectively and their very different impacts on our community and culture.

From Judy Singer coining the term ‘neurodiversity’to Emma Dalmayne and Fiona O’Leary who have sacrificed their spoons (makes sense if you know about spoon theory) for autistic rights and against the bleach curists of the world.

And Sara Jane Harvey who at the time of writing, has closed down her page due to trolling...

But her work lives on and the legacy we leave is based on acknowledging the past, learning from it, and applying it in new ways for the future.

Technology has advanced to a place where it’s easier to share, like and comment on the work we all do and put into projects, for better but sometimes worse, and I am very fortunate to have my Facebook outlet as well as the more traditional newspaper piece.

I will be doing what I can to share with you all the blogs of my colleagues and friends in the hope that you can use these authentic insights to construct services that work best for us.

Let me know the services that work best for you as autistic people Section 5: Service Spotlight on the 100 Day Community Kit this week!

Jane and Team Rainbow Stars have such a passion for what they do and by always wanting to hear from people like myself and David, it really is a marriage made in Heaven. There’s a galaxy of connections to make in this world and I so happy that we have Rainbow Stars.

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