Celebrating milestones

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So, recently I have been out to celebrate a few milestone birthdays with my friends.

Skidding across the floor isn’t considered a “move” anymore, apparently

With one group of ladies, I have been out until the early hours, dancing the night away in different pubs and clubs. I busted my moves and cleared the dance floor, only to wake up the next day unable to walk properly due to the pounding that my knees took (skidding across the floor isn’t considered a “move” anymore, apparently.) My friends were surprised to find that I only drink water when I am out, as in their world, nobody dances that badly while they are sober.

Another time, I went out for a sit down meal, where because there were 20 of us, we were put on a long table and I was opposite someone I didn’t know and next to someone I had previously offended. Now, I am normally quite friendly and chatty but I was a bit annoyed that I wasn’t sitting with my friends. We’ve all had the situation where we have been kettled into position as we scramble to sit next to someone we know, only to end up opposite a tough crowd. I am not great with languages, but when the woman opposite me who was previously semi-comatose suddenly started to talk animatedly to her neighbour, I read that body language fluently. I decided to try and chat to the offended one next to me.

“So, how is that gorgeous husband of yours?” I enquired, all smiles, knowing that flattery is a good lubricating oil over troubled waters.

“He left me for someone else who thought he was gorgeous.” Came the icy reply without even a turn of the head.

Moving on, then…

This weekend, I went to The George at Stamford for afternoon tea for my friend’s 40th. We all dressed up for the occasion and sat in wonderful surroundings, next to the open fire, which seems absurd in June, but was rather lovely. We had our dainty sandwiches, miniature cakes and pots of tea and all agreed that even though it wasn’t cheap, it was worth it.

My own 40th was a combination of my favourite things…I needed a big venue, so I booked The South Holland Centre. I love the stage and so started the evening off by singing “Dancing Queen” dressed in a fabulous Abba suit. I chatted about the experiences I have had over my life and did some amateur dramatics in the form of Sybil Fawlty. People sat at the round tables, chatting while they ate. On each of the 15 tables was a birthday cake that represented something special to me, ranging from a green Mini that had been my first car, to Zippy from Rainbow, my favourite programme as a kid. I finished the night off with a disco that featured all my favourite songs.

Celebrating a milestone is important regardless of how you do it and it doesn’t always have to cost much, whether you play Scrabble with friends, have a sit down meal or have a disco.

The memories created last a lot longer than the bubble bath giftset…

I’d like to hang on to my sunny disposition