CCTV’s impressive impact in Spalding

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CABINET CALL: By South Holland District Councillor Gary Taylor

Since I last wrote this column there have been developments with our CCTV system which I’d like to share with you.

The Crowland cameras are transmitting live pictures to the control room and Holbeach images are due to be on screen very soon.

The Spalding cameras have had an impressive impact over the past year.

Between 1 April 2015 and 1 April 2016 CCTV operators have completed 83 incident reports, which contributed to 17 arrests.

The incidents cover a wide area of public protection and community safety, including finding a missing person, suspicious activity, traffic offences, retail theft, stolen bicycles and drink offences.

Our intention is not to operate a Big Brother system where we monitor law abiding residents, but to crack down on wrong doing and make our district safer for us to live, work, do business and socialise.

Another recent highlight was being asked to speak at the Pride of South Holland awards.

This was such a positive and inspirational occasion, which recognised the many people in our communities who make an extra effort to improve the lives of others.

Winners were from all parts of South Holland. I would like to thank Jan Whitbourn and all at Tulip Radio for making this event happen.

We heard about the amazing work of the many volunteers in our community. Volunteering is an opportunity to gain new experiences, build new skills and make new friends.

I also informed the audience of how the council and councillors can help by providing advice on applying for funds from our designated ward budgets.

This gives community groups and organisations the tools to make it happen. It’s a genuine partnership, which is about being on your side.

The combined effort of all of those nominated for awards and the many people whose daily work supports others makes South Holland a successful and diverse community.

I believe we are never more fulfilled than when we join together to make the community in which we live a society in which we can all be proud.