Cats hidden in boxes sparks new crisis

PJ Cat Rescue
PJ Cat Rescue
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Volunteers were shocked when boxes taken to a charity in Long Sutton which were thought to contain provisions for rescued pets had two adults cats hidden inside.

The abandoned animals have sparked a new plea from PJ Cat Rescue, which says it is already in crisis and the breeding season has only just begun.

Last year there were fears feral cat colonies were spiralling out of control and PJ Rescue launched a campaign to catch and neuter toms. But the problem isn’t getting any better and last week alone four kittens were abandoned at the charity shop in High Street.

Volunteer Philip Newhouse said: “Someone came in and said ‘here’s a few boxes of stuff for the cats’ but in one we found two adult cats. Then we had two more abandoned.

“There’s just no more room at the ‘inn’ – we desperately need food, money and volunteers.”

Veterinary nurse Suzhy Winfield said they had some surprise arrivals when a couple brought in a rescued cat and they found it was pregnant.

Suzhy said: “We had six lovely kittens and have already managed to rehome four. But as lovely as they are we can’t forget the importance of getting cats neutered.

“It was the same time last year that we had abandoned kittens brought into us.

“Here we go again. I can see we are going to get inundated with them again.

“We are running a neutering scheme at the moment so it is affordable. People should just come in to the vets and get their cats sorted.”

If you would like to offer help to PJ Cat Rescue, pop into the shop or call 01406 258221.

Anyone who would like information about the neutering scheme should call Vet Savers on 01775 724333.