Cat charity’s plea after Nestlé pulls the plug

PJ Cat Rescue volunteers Victorine Cooper, Kay Richards, and Janet Boujaama, with rescue cat Eddie.
PJ Cat Rescue volunteers Victorine Cooper, Kay Richards, and Janet Boujaama, with rescue cat Eddie.
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FOOD donations are desperately needed for a Long Sutton-based cat rescue charity after a national pet company was forced to withdraw its support.

PJ Cat Rescue founder Janet Boujaama says volunteers have been left with spiralling bills since Nestlé Purina PetCare pulled the plug on discounted sachets of food.

Mrs Boujaama says the firm has been forced to withdraw its kind gesture after some other charities were found to be selling the food on markets for profit.

Mrs Boujaama explained: “We could buy cat food at a reasonable price, five or ten pence per sachet, rather than the normal cost of 30 pence.

“We have now had a letter from Nestlé announcing they are stopping it because someone had been selling it on and making a profit.

“I can not blame Nestlé. They caught people selling it on the market when they had agreed not to.”

The charity goes through an estimated 800 sachets of cat food every week and currently has about 75 cats in its care at the moment.

Mrs Boujaama said: “It means we can not treat as many cats as we would like. Vets bills are astronomical, although we go to someone who gives us a good price.

“Last Tuesday a cat was brought in by someone who said they thought it had been hit by a car on New Year’s Eve.

“We took it straight to the vet and found it had a broken pelvis but it will recover. It was a perfectly healthy cat otherwise.”

The charity was started about eight years ago with two cats left on Mrs Boujaama’s doorstep. There are now five foster carers looking after the cats which are taken in.

A spokesman for Nestlé Purina PetCare said: “We can confirm that in the past Purina PetCare has made secondary petfood available to some local charities via our Wisbech factory.

“The sales and donation process was an adhoc arrangement, which we have decided to review.

“We made the decision to suspend the current process until this review is completed. We contacted all the charities concerned and regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.”

The firm said its philosophy was to develop “long-term relationships” with key charity partners, such as Canine Partners, Cats Protection and the Dublin SPCA, to create programmes that bring real and tangible benefit to the pet care community.

nAnyone who would like to make a donation can take it to the PJ Cat Rescue shop at 1-3 High Street, Long Sutton, or call 01406 258221. Alternatively, email