Cash stolen from town shop

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A LARGE amount of cash was stolen when burglars broke in to a Spalding supermarket.

The break-in at Spalding Market in Station Street, happened at about 4.30am last Monday morning.

It is believed the amount of money stolen could be more than £10,000, although the figure has not been confirmed by police or the shop owners.

The successful break-in is also believed to be the burglars second attempt at gaining access to the shop.

Staff at the neighbouring Butterfly Hospice charity shop arrived at work on Monday morning to find an attempt had been made to “tunnel” through the adjoining wall.

Piles of bricks had been left strewn on the floor, but it appeared the effort had been abandoned after four layers of bricks had been removed.

Shop manager Sue Alexander said: “They made a real mess and it meant we had to stay closed on Monday morning while police took forensics and we repaired the wall.

“It appears they broke through a barred window to get in and it looks as though they must have come with tools and knew what they were doing.

“I’m not an expert but it looked like quite a professional job.

“To come into work on Monday to find that was quite upsetting for staff.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101.

Management at Spalding Market did not wish to comment.