Card ‘cloned’ after being used at Spalding cashpoint

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A SPALDING man is warning people to beware when using the cashpoint at Tesco Express in Matmore Gate after his card was cloned.

He said he was contacted by his bank saying someone in the USA has been trying to take money out of his account after he used the cashpoint.

Although they weren’t successful in removing any money, the man – who has asked not to be named – said he wanted to warn other people who might not be so lucky.

He said he knows other people who have been affected after using the ATM.

“If Tesco knew someone had been tampering with the cashpoint you would think they would at least have put up a sign warning people and telling them not to use it,” he said.

“My bank was very vigilant and alerted me as soon as they realised people were trying to take money from the account – but if they had succeeded it could have caused problems.”

A spokesperson from Tesco also said the company has no records of any complaints about the cashpoint.

She urged people to always report any suspicious activity so that it can be looked into and action taken where necessary.

Lincolnshire Police told the Free Press it had no record of any complaints being made about the cashpoint but advised anyone who is concerned to contact Crimestoppers for advice about how to recognise cashpoint scams.

Crimestoppers are on 0800 555111 or visit