Car park idea for eyesore

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The eyesore former Bull and Monkie pub in Spalding could soon be demolished to make way for a temporary car park.

A plan has been submitted to South Holland District Council by the Churchgate site’s owner Crispen Holdings Ltd, but is currently on hold while more information or a fee is received.

But council leader Gary Porter says he hopes the company does go ahead with its plan as it would remove a blot on the town’s landscape.

He said: “It makes sense for them to do this because at the moment it is costing them money for rates, but if they knock it down and tidy it up for a car park as a temporary measure it will be better for everyone.

“Even if they give the car park to someone else to manage it will still bring in revenue – whereas at the moment it’s a liability.”

Crispen Holdings were warned by the council it could be forced to sell the site last summer unless it cleaned up its act after the site became a magnet for vandalism, arson and rough sleepers.

The site had planning permission for a care home, but plans were shelved because of the economic climate.