Cap Am is first Avenger

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OUR resident film expert Gavin Miller gives you the lowdown on the latest summer blockbuster.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – THE FIRST AVENGER: With Iron Man, Thor and Hulk getting big screen time in preparation for next year’s Marvel blockbuster The Avengers – it was only a matter of time before Cap Am got in on the action.

Chris Evans turns from firestarter – after starring in the now-canned Fantastic Four franchise as the Human Torch – to the US’s most-iconic superhero, as he takes on Red Skull and his evil HYDRA organisation in this World War II backdrop.

You’ll see characters from Captain America lore – such as ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Peggy Carter and Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) – as well as a young Howard Stark, who helps turn Steve Rogers into the legendary shield-slinging super soldier.

l CARS 2 (U) missed the cut with my Harry Potter 8 review last week. Despite being one of the weaker Disney/Pixar efforts, it is still a thoroughly watchable slice of family entertainment with Owen Wilson again voicing Lightning McQueen as NASCAR racing goes worldwide.

Rating: 3/5