Can you home ‘saddest dog in country’?

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WANDA the white German Shepherd – dubbed the saddest dog in the country – desperately needs a loving new home.

The four-year-old has been looked after by the RSPCA Lincolnshire East branch since she was found ten months ago wandering in Frampton.

She was flea-ridden, full of worms, her coat and skin were raggedy from months of living without shelter and she had sore paws from constant walking. She was named Wanda by branch staff because she had been fending for herself, wandering the fields of south Lincolnshire for months.

Now her carers have issued a last desperate plea to find new owners for her.

“Wanda is probably the most desperate case we have ever had and she certainly is the saddest dog we have ever brought in,” said Cherrie Bartlett, rehoming co-ordinator for the branch. “She was wandering alone we believe for around six months, and to be honest it is amazing she even survived because it was during last year’s bitterly cold winter.

“But as a result of her situation, she has lost any sparkle and she just doesn’t seem to want to trust anyone again.”

As a result of past experience, Wanda is wary, nervous of affection and reluctant to form bonds. Although she is nice natured, she has an aversion to being on the lead.

Over the months, RSPCA staff have tried to help by coaxing her and bringing in specialist animal communicators, but her progress has been limited. Staff now believe the only way she will thrive again is if she is in a home environment.

Cherrie added: “We need to find the perfect owner for her who will help to bring her back out of her shell. I am sure she has a loving and loyal nature, but one that needs to be coaxed out of her.

“She was such a miserable case, and we just want to give her one last chance by appealing to find her the perfect owner. I have every faith that in the right hands and the right loving environment she will learn to be happy again.”

Wanda ideally needs to be re-homed with someone who has a large garden, possibly other dogs, and who has plenty of patience to earn her trust again. The new owner will need to have experience with dogs as well.

Anyone interested in offering her a permanent home – or who would consider fostering her or making a donation – should call the RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch on 01205 319059 or email