Can you give a loving home to Ronnie?

Ronnie needs a new home.
Ronnie needs a new home.
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MAN’S BEST FRIEND: By Jerry Green South Lincolnshire Dog Rescue

Ronnie is a 10-year-old Jack Russell boy looking for a loving home. He is such a sweetie, always so happy to see you. His tail never stops wagging.

Ronnie has previously lived with a dog and got on well with him.

He has met some dogs while being with us and has had mixed reactions. He could possibly live with a calmer, smaller dog after successful introductions here at the centre. Ronnie unfortunately cannot be homed with cats.

Ronnie is looking for an adult home or one with older sensible children as he is in his twilight years and would get overwhelmed by little ones.

Older dogs can often be overlooked in a rescue centre, but those who have adopted an older dog will tell you what an amazing decision that was. They are most certainly not to be dismissed as they have so much love to give. Most of the older dogs we have met at the rescue have definitely never acted their age.

If you think you might be the one to offer Ronnie a loving home please get in touch with our South Lincolnshire centre on 01205 260546.

• As a charity, we get no government or lottery funding and rely solely on donations from kind members of the public, organisations and community events to continue to rescue and rehome dogs in need.

To help us continue this work we need the help of our community to start fundraising for us.

Could you host a coffee morning or bake sale, organise a dress down day at work or non uniform day at school or even take part in a sponsored event for the dogs?

Volunteer Jody Raggo has just completed the Boston Half Marathon for us and he couldn’t be happier as he not only set his personal best time, but also managed to raise money for the dogs.

We are not all as super fit as Jody though so we are encouraging our supporters to put their talents to the test and ‘Do it for the dogs’.

We can help support your fundraising efforts, however big or small, so if you have an idea or want some help coming up with one get in touch with fundraising and communications officer

Therena’s Training Tip: Excessive barking – part 2

Last week, we looked at excessive barking. There are many things you can do to help your dog with this so we thought we would also provide you with a plan B.

When your dog is barking he may be trying to alert you to something; this may be as simple as somebody walking by.

You can let them know you understand by teaching: “Thank you”.

If your dog is barking in reaction to something, pair the word “thank you” with a treat. These words act as a cue for your dog to stop barking – offer the treat immediately after saying “thank you”.

Repeat this each time they bark; you should notice the length of barking decrease and the dog looking to you instead of continuing to bark.

Both of the techniques require consistency to help your dog learn and should be performed every time they exhibit unwanted barking.

If you need further advice on positive training techniques why not book a one to one with our centre trainer Therena? Call 01205 260546 to book in.