Can I have a Sylvester Stallone selfie?

Sylvester Stallone ANL-150406-103759001
Sylvester Stallone ANL-150406-103759001
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GUARDIAN ANGEL: The latest news from our girl about town

Guardian columnist John Ward has jokingly invited a bunch of celebrities to his cabbage hurling event at this year’s Holbeach Country Fayre, not expecting any of them to actually turn up.

So John was quite taken aback while shopping recently when he was approached by a lady who asked if he could arrange for her to have a “selfie” with Sylvester Stallone.

* The Guardian editor was chatting to the organiser of the recent Holbeach St John’s village fete on Tuesday when they both had to stop and laugh.

While talking about the barbecue, the organiser meant to say that all the meat was locally-sourced but actually said all the burgers and sausages were locally-bred! Imagine little bangers and burgers running around South Holland’s fields!

* In our lovely feature on WG Grace on page 58 of today’s Guardian, mention is made of two Spalding players who failed to turn up for the match against the great man’s side in 1877. “Perhaps they signed for Holbeach instead,” quipped someone in the office, obviously referring to a local defensive ace who has left the Tulips to join the Tigers for a second time.

* While on a night out recently, Angel’s friend remarked quietly that someone on the table bore a resemblace to comedian and actress Miranda and that she would tell her when there was a break in the conversation.

Angel advised against it, said it might not be taken as a compliment. Said friend bestowed the observation anyway, only to be greeted by furious blushing and a very quiet table.

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