Campaigner calls for clarity over town plans

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A CAMPAIGNER has called for clarity over plans for Spalding as he believes many people are confused about what developers are offering.

Adam McVeigh and a small team of volunteers have been out four afternoons a week knocking on residents’ doors to ask their views on Corbo’s plans to replace the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field with more retail units.

Those who are opposed to the idea have been asked to sign a petition which will be presented to the Holland Market developers and South Holland District Council ahead of any planning decision.

But Mr McVeigh says many people he has called on are unclear about what is on the cards regarding the field and the possibility of a new green space and out-of-town sports facility.

He said: “I think many people would like to be able to contact Corbo’s representative Michael Moran personally to ask questions about what is going on.

“There is a lot of confusion out there, but otherwise the response we have had to our campaign has been very positive.”

Mr McVeigh and his team have already door-knocked hundreds of homes within the central area of town and they are now moving outwards towards the West Elloe and Wygate area.

They plan to continue until the end of April.

Mr McVeigh said: “We have seen a mixed reaction to what is going on, with two main schools of thought.

“Some people would prefer to wait until the plans are made public before making a decision and others share my view that the Sir Halley Stewart field should stay.

“We understand that the council has no legal obligation to act upon our petition but we would like to think it would take residents’ opinions into consideration.”

And council leader Gary Porter’s announcement earlier this month that he intends to look into the possibility of turning Victoria Street car park into a formal town park has not allayed Mr McVeigh’s concerns about the possible loss of the Sir Halley Stewart.

He said: “I haven’t wavered on my stance that the Sir Halley Stewart should stay, but if the council are doing this I don’t see a problem with having a second communal area.

“If it can be allocated as a green space we should have that as well – I’m all for as much green space as possible and think the benefit of keeping the Sir Halley Stewart far outweighs any gains for the town from more retail space.”

Michael Moran said: “We have set up the website to try and help clarify matters.

“Contact details are available there and we have had lots of feedback via phone calls, emails and letters.

“We are keen to engage with as many community groups as possible”