Campaign backing is close to Joe’s heart

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A SPALDING restaurateur who has suffered with a heart condition for 13 years is launching a campaign to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Joe Cifaldi, who runs Joe’s Restaurant with wife Kay, is backing the charity’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

Starting from next week the couple will be donating ten per cent of every Monday night’s takings and the staff have agreed to donate their tips on the night.

Joe decided to back the appeal after seeing the television advert and thanks to Baytree Nurseries Garden Centre at Weston, he has a tank with 20 zebra fish in the restaurant.

He said: “We wanted people to be able to see the fish from the advert. Hopefully it will encourage them to get involved.”

The BHF is a charity which really means something to Joe who has been through a quadruple heart bypass, has had two stents put in to help prevent his arteries from becoming narrowed or blocked and is awaiting more treatment.

He said: “We want to run the campaign for a year and raise as much as we can.

“So far we have £1,000 which was donated by Richard Wells, of Univeg, which is a great start.”

Waitress Kerry-Anne Burton said the staff are fully behind the campaign.

She added: “I am hoping that the community will support it too.

“We will do our very best to raise money and awareness for the cause having experienced very difficult times with Joe and his very unwell heart.

“All tips we take will go towards the cause.”

The charity needs to raise £50million for the appeal which is working on ground-breaking research.

The zebra fish can repair its own heart and is already providing scientists with vital clues about how our own human hearts could be repaired too.