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Speeding drivers: Police respond to calls for action in Quadring

An apparent increase in drivers speeding through a village has prompted calls for further enforcement action.

Residents in Quadring have been frustrated with a rising number of motorists flouting the 30mph limit, which seems to have worsened as we begin to come out of lockdown.

South Holland District Councillor, Henry Bingham, for the Quadring ward lives in the village. He contacted authorities earlier this week to ask for another speed check to be carried out.

Stock image: Villagers have raised concerns over people speeding through Quadring village.
Stock image: Villagers have raised concerns over people speeding through Quadring village.

Speaking on Tuesday, he said: “They are coming out as soon as they are available. Last time they came out it had a positive effect and I’m sure it will again.

“I live on Main Road and as lockdown has started to ease there has been no end of speeding. The police did deal with some ‘boy racers’.

“Speeding has definitely increased; but it did ease off after the random speed checks.”

South Holland District Councillor Henry Bingham.
South Holland District Councillor Henry Bingham.

And the requests for further checks were dealt with quickly as yesterday (Wednesday) police were out doing their first of a new series of checks.

Coun Bingham said: "Just their presence is a deterrent."

Also, this week, one concerned resident told us: “I often walk or drive along the Main Road. Cars and other vehicles are often flashed by the 30mph speed indicator sign and don’t adjust their speed and race through the village.

“Whenever you are heading towards Donington people often overtake you before you reach the 50mph limit.”

South Holland sector policing Inspector Nick Waters.
South Holland sector policing Inspector Nick Waters.

In October, it was reported that across three weeks’ worth of patrols, police recorded numerous traffic offences in the village, including speeding and one for driving without a valid MOT.

Fifteen people were given verbal warnings for more minor speeding infringements.

These checks took place in both the Quadring and Donington areas.

During the lockdown, police said that across the county they were “experiencing a small rise in irresponsible drivers taking advantage of the quieter roads and driving at higher speeds.”

John Siddle, spokesman for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said that six people have lost their lives on the county's roads during the coronavirus lockdown.

South Holland sector policing Inspector Nick Waters added this week: “The north rural neighbourhood policing team are aware of concerns of speeding in Quadring, which is a concern mirrored across all towns and villages.

"The team often conduct speed enforcement in Quadring and many other locations.These speed checks are done alongside other demands on the team and while all would like to see an officer with a speed gun on all our roads every day, it is simply not feasible.

"On our most recent visit to Quadring, during 45 minutes of hand held radar, only one motorist was recorded travelling at an excessive speed that warranted enforcement.

"If any residents of Quadring would like to join the team next time they are performing speed checks in the village, they are welcome to contact them atSpaldingRuralNorth@lincs.pnn.police.uk or via 101.”

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