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Liz Walker and Dorothy Short
Liz Walker and Dorothy Short
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Following the East Midlands In Bloom judging for South Holland, we talked recently to two key figures behind Donington’s In Bloom bid, Liz Walker and Dorothy Short.

Having won three gold awards in the past three years, and being the only group in South Holland to win gold last year, Donington take their yearly In Bloom competition very seriously and continually aim high.

Before the Donington in Bloom Committee was formed, no organisation within the town made any effort to maintain its appearance.

This year, the community herb garden is the latest addition to Donington for the In Bloom season and they have developed this aromatic herb garden for the community on a site that according to Liz, used to attract rubbish; as the place ‘wasn’t being used and so it just kept filling up’.

Elsewhere in the town, as always, there is a team of volunteers including Liz and Dorothy who plan and maintain the displays utilising planters, hanging baskets and other floral arrangements; they told us that they plant out twice each year to maintain Donington’s stunning displays.

Donington In Bloom were also the lead group to arrange the Big Beacon Party for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations last year.

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