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We recently had the pleasure of talking to Terry Moore of Bakkavor for our weekly Tulip Talk programme.

Terry is the logistics manager and we enjoyed hearing a little of the recent history of Bakkavor as well as the difficulties of produce trading in Lincolnshire.

Bakkavor was founded in Iceland in 1984 originally selling fish products. During the 1990s the company focused on expanding its operations internationally into fresh prepared foods markets and acquired Geest plc in 2005.

The Bakkavor Factory in West Marsh Road, Spalding, was opened in 1964 as a banana ripening and packing centre. The prepared foods business was transferred there in 1978.

Today, West Marsh Road is Bakkavor’s largest site, where nearly 1,000 fresh prepared food products are made and around 2,000 employees are situated. The factory primarily supply own-label fresh prepared foods products to major grocery retailers across categories such as dips, convenience salads, sandwich wraps, soups and sauces.

Terry told us about the Bakkavor Staff Shop which generates proceeds for charities as varied as Cancer Research, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability and the Gedney Royal British Legion. A national charity is chosen by the Bakkavor Staff Shop Committee each year, with last year’s being the Help for Heroes.

Terry also told us a little about Bakkavor Pizza Factory, based at Holbeach St Marks, which was at one stage the biggest pizza factory in Europe; at a 2011 forum, it won a Good Neighbour Award.

You can listen to Terry’s interview on the podcast section of our website