Calling the tune: All about street pastors

Chas Sandhu
Chas Sandhu
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This week on Tulip Talk we spoke to Pastor Chas Sandhu, leader of the Lighthouse Church, Spalding, about the newly launched street pastors scheme for Spalding.

Chas Sandhu has been with the Lighthouse Church for almost 18 years, the church itself having been in Spalding for over 40 years since opening its first home in 1969 on Windsover Road.

We discussed his history with the Lighthouse Church, which was the venue for the Pastors’ commissioning service on July 12, before their first night on the beat that evening.

We talked to Chas, who positively exudes huge enthusiasm and energy, about the development of the Spalding Street Pastors Scheme since the first idea was first mooted over two years ago in Spalding.

With six months of preparation and training, the street pastors now provide a helping hand to anyone feeling vulnerable on Spalding’s streets during a night out.

With almost 50 volunteers consisting of both street and prayer pastors, they currently have two teams working Friday nights, and in six months they’re hoping to extend to Saturdays.

The Street Pastor idea started life in London in 2003, launched by Rev Les Isaac, Director of the Ascension Trust, and they now boast around nine thousand volunteers throughout the UK.

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