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PCSO Ryan Ellis and SC Lewis Putman.
PCSO Ryan Ellis and SC Lewis Putman.
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With somehow depressing regularity, when we talk to our local police, which we do very frequently, the next we hear is that they have retired or left the area. Recently we spoke to two local officers who told us they too were leaving, but they’re also staying.

PCSO Ryan Ellis has been a member of the Spalding Estates Neighbourhood Policing Team since September 2008, being responsible for the St Paul’s ward and Springfield’s shopping outlet.

Ryan’s job varies from engagement activities to responding to incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour. He joined Lincs Police in 2002 as a volunteer police cadet, and has been a PCSO since December 24 2007.

Lewis Puttnam is a Special Constable, a volunteer police officer. By day he’s an incident controller with Cambridgeshire Police whilst after hours he’s walking South Lincolnshire’s streets.

Lewis also told us of his most memorable moment so far and what he enjoys about the role, as well as telling us some more about himself.

Both officers are unusual in that they are actually both resigning from their jobs to become full-time paid police officers, with training starting in January at Police HQ in Nettleham.

Having undergone their training, they hope that in six months they will be back with us on Spalding’s streets as regular officers.

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