Call to stop dog mess in village

JOB VACANCY: Rachel Thompson who left her post as dog warden at South Holland District Council last month.  Photo supplied.
JOB VACANCY: Rachel Thompson who left her post as dog warden at South Holland District Council last month. Photo supplied.
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A Gedney Dyke grandmother has asked her parish council for help to stop dog fouling in the village.

Janet Norton told parish councillors that the situation in Anvil Close was a “health hazard”, particularly for children going to and from school.

The problem was reported to South Holland District Council by Mrs Norton who later learned that the area’s dog warden Rachel Thompson had left her post last month.

Mrs Norton said: “I’d repeatedly been on to the dog warden about the piles of dog faeces left in Anvil Close.

“It’s definitely a health hazard but we can’t get anything done about.

“The smell of it is horrible and it’s not nice for children running around outside.

“I could never understand why the area where the dog fouling is happening wasn’t paved off in the first place because the grass was growing so long that people could leave their dogs’ mess in it.

“But if it’s paved off now, I’d happily sweep it and spray it.”

The Spalding Guardian reported in February on the district council’s “Bag It Bin It” campaign, encouraging dog owners to clean up their pets’ dog mess that would otherwise be left on footpaths and passageways near schools and play areas. At the campaign’s launch, Coun Anthony Casson, the council’s portfolio holder for public protection, said: “The issue of dog fouling in the district concerns residents and it is something we are looking to tackle.

“‘Bag It Bin It’ is all about raising awareness of the need for dog owners to act responsibly and properly dispose of their pets’ mess.

“Similar schemes have worked in other areas, with councils finding that sprayed messages on pavements shames irresponsible owners and leads to a reduction in fouling.”

In her July report to parish councillors, Gedney district councillor Jo Reynolds said: “Rachel Thompson left the council after many years’ service and we are currently recruiting to fill the post.

“We hope to resume our normal service as soon as possible but this does mean that, in the short term, the focus will be on stray dogs and not on the routine dog fouling patrols.”

A district council spokesman said: “We are currently going through a recruitment process for the Dog Warden role and we anticipate having someone in post during September.

“In the meantime, we have continued to provide a service across South Holland during the intervening period.”