Calendar Girls coming to town

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SOUTH Holland residents will be baring all in the interests of art when St Nicholas Players has the rare chance to perform the popular stage play Calendar Girls.

Philip Bosworth, who will be directing the production when the Players can produce it in the autumn of 2012, says the fact that they are performing it at all is unusual. “It’s been a long time before it’s been released to amateurs at all,” he pointed out. “It’s such a popular play that they are only going to release it to amateurs for one year.”

The play is being released to amateur groups from September 1, 2012 until August 31, 2013.

The Players had already thought they would like to put on the play and Philip revealed some potential actors have already expressed an interest in baring all.

“It’s more about what you don’t see that’s important rather than what you do,” said Philip, who added that the strict rules surrounding the release of the play mean it has to be performed as it is and cannot be adapted for local audiences.

However, Philip has another two plays to concentrate on before auditions begin for Calendar Girls: Blood Brothers in October and another production next spring.