Cabinet Call - by Coun Malcolm Chandler

Groups like Spalding Street pastors are helping to increase pride in our area.
Groups like Spalding Street pastors are helping to increase pride in our area.
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Travelling throughout the district, I have seen many people supporting our Pride in South Holland campaign to keep the area clean.

For example, several villages have been working hard for the coveted Best Kept Village Award.

In Spalding, the introduction of the “Spotless Spalding” group has helped to remove litter from the streets. Similarly, the police have significantly reduced the amount of street drinking in the town centre.

The district council has been looking carefully at new laws and powers that can be used in changing the current Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) to a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

Although this still does not make street drinking an offence, ceasing to stop when required remains a crime and police officers continue to have powers to seize and dispose of alcohol in such cases.

We will also look at the option of extending the current area covered by the DPPO.

We have been keeping a careful watch on the national growth of premises licensed to sell alcohol and the impact this is having in South Holland.

Two years ago we looked at the introduction of a Cumulative Impact Policy in Spalding, allowing the Licensing Authority to restrict the future granting of new licences.

At that time following legal guidance, other measures, such as Street Pastors, Safer Spalding Code of Good Practice and Reducing the Strength initiatives along with tighter enforcement by the police and the DPPO were introduced.

I am now pleased to be working closely with our MP John Hayes on a new review to reduce the impact licensed premises growth is having on the community, particularly in Spalding.

Since the elections I have had one very productive meeting with John and have another planned for later this month when we expect to be joined by other responsible authorities and interested parties.

The results of the assessment will be incorporated into the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy and with recent changes to the laws, will bring back the necessary control measures which were lost with the introduction of the Licensing Act 2003.