BYPASS: Before you upgrade, tackle the potholes

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I thought I must write this email now the A16 bypass is getting so much publicity.

It’s all well and good councillors and MPs talking about upgrading the current road, but I think they should look at the state of it at the moment.

I have to do two trips a day along this road, as I work in Peterborough and I have lost count how many pot holes there are along the full stretch of the road – one has been there for over two years, with little or no maintenance involved.

Where is the so-called government grant to repair all the roads in Lincolnshire?

If all the haulage companies in the area want this road upgrading, they should be made to pay something for maintaining it, as it’s their vehicles that are damaging it and putting peoples lives at risk.

I think I will use the old A1073 road in future as it’s in better condition.

Richard Woods

via email