Bye-law to tackle park dog problem

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PET owners could be forced to keep their dogs on leads in a village park after several attacks.

Long Sutton parish councillors are to look into changing a bye-law already in force at Cinder Ash Park after a number of complaints about dogs running free.

At a meeting on Thursday, PCSO Fylippa Bennett said she had heard of a number of problems and clerk Karen Treacher said at least three dogs had to be put down after being badly injured in attacks by other dogs.

She said children had also been knocked over and one had even been urinated on by a dog.

Members of the parish council were told the existing bye-law says people must keep their dogs under control in the park, but some felt it did not go far enough as some dog owners had claimed their pet was under control even though it was off the lead.

Members felt pets were really only fully under control when on a lead.

Chairman Peter Clarey said: “I think they need to be physically restrained from causing harm to others.

“If we have to change the bye-law to insist dogs are only allowed on leads, we will, and if we have to we could even look at banning dogs from the park altogether.

“We need to look after the best interests of everyone who wants to use the park, not just the dog owners.”

The problems at Cinder Ash were highlighted earlier this year when a 90-year-old woman’s blind pet was savaged by a Labrador close to the children’s play area.

Doris Dossetter, of Lancaster Drive, was walking her Chinese Crested Powder Puff George in the park when the other dog attacked, tearing a lump from his stomach and leaving him needing an emergency operation.

After her story appeared in the Lincolnshire Free Press in January, generous readers donated cash to Mrs Dossetter to cover George’s £800 vet bill.