Buy boots now – while the sale’s still on

Late night shopping in Spalding. Photo: SG031211-181TW
Late night shopping in Spalding. Photo: SG031211-181TW
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It may be warm outside now, but one thing that is guaranteed about the British winter is that it will turn cold.

And when it does, are you sure you have the right boots ready to wear?

Remember, when it’s really chilly you need boots that will keep toes cosy and soles that will allow walking without slipping and sliding.

On top of that we’d ideally like our footwear to look smart and stylish.

It’s a big ask, but the place to turn for help now is Gibbs of Spalding, where the winter sale is still on.

Shop manager Mary Moore expects the sale to continue until February, depending on how many bargains are left on the shelves.

Mary explained the sale was a chance to move on the one or two shoes and boots left from lines that won’t carry on into next year.

She said: “We have a lot of boots because the weather hasn’t been too bad, so it’s not spurred people into buying boots.

“There are long leg boots, mostly blacks and browns, and three-quarter leg boots. We did have red early on, but they all sold pretty quickly.”

The good news is, once the sale’s over, we’ll see lots of lovely new styles for spring, including baby pink nubuck leather Converse-style ankle boots – can’t wait.