Buy a home with your head, not your heart, 
says Hayley Hammond of Simply Property

Hayley Hammond.
Hayley Hammond.
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For most of us buying a home is likely to be the most expensive purchase we will ever make in our lives.

That’s why we advise that you take time to fully appreciate if the property is the right property for you and your family.

It is all too easy to walk into a property, spend 30 minutes there and fall in love but this is a huge decision and financial commitment and needs a serious plan!

Whilst it’s important to like the property you buy you do need to think about the practicalities too.

Things to consider include:

Research well by spending a little time to gather information about the property i.e. use the power of the internet, discuss with your estate agent if you don’t live in the area what is good and bad; they should have local area knowledge, and ask for a property particulars pack.

Do speak with the local authority to identify any known future impacts or restrictions on the property i.e. development, or listing.

Make a written list of questions you want to ask the seller/agent before visiting the property e.g. local schools, neighbours, age of gas boiler or electrical wiring, any drainage issues.

Drive, walk around the area in which the property is situated and view an aerial view (e.g. Google Maps) and get a feel for the immediate surroundings. Think about what is important to you and your family not just now but in the next few years.

It’s time to view the property, think about measuring the rooms and door openings as you need to confirm that your essential furniture can be accommodated within the property. With the sellers’ permission, consider taking photographs of the property to refer back to. It is important to keep perspective, don’t discount a property because a £600 table won’t fit in, maybe consider purchasing a new table!

Chat with neighbours to see what they like or dislike about of the property and neighbourhood

Think about the impacts of a neighbouring properties becoming extended… is it likely to impact on the property?

Visit the property more than once and preferably at different times of the day, and don’t be afraid of visiting again if you feel the need to.

So, when you’re searching for your next home think with your head and a little bit of your heart!