Website focuses on vodka tea

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AN ENTREPRENEUR from Kirton Holme is in the spotlight on a new website that focuses on start-up businesses in the Midlands. is highlighting three fledgling firms from the East Midlands and three from the West, and Percy’s Tea, the innovative fruity vodka drink which is the brainchild of Claire Hall, is one of the businesses they will follow over the next six months

The website is showing the decision-making process for the young businesses and lessons they learn and Claire hopes it will help her get her big break.

She said: “I will be blogging about what I am doing. For me it’s about creating brand awareness but there’s also experts’ advice so it’s really good for me.”

Claire developed her drink with experts at the University of Lincoln’s Holbeach campus and last year took on lucrative spots at racecourses. This year she aims to attend various food festivals.

Visit her website at