Upwards and forwards goes expanding employment firm

Branch manager Adrian Ormes with Lina Banyte, Michaela and Gerry Posnett at Unique Employment Services, Spalding.
Branch manager Adrian Ormes with Lina Banyte, Michaela and Gerry Posnett at Unique Employment Services, Spalding.
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Targets are being reached and records set by a Spalding employment firm aiming for honesty and professionalism.

Unique Employment Services has doubled its office staff to manage a “ten-fold” increase in clients, providing them with temporary and permanent staff in both industrial and commercial sectors.

The firm has moved to new offices in Winsover Road and branch manager Adrian Ormes said: “We’re very excited because we have a record number of temporary staff working for us and our client base has increased ten-fold from when we first started.

“However, we’re not only growing our base but retaining it as well as clients are satisfied with the way we service their contracts.

“It’s been an extremely positive experience for us, our clients and our temporary workers, to see that we’re growing nicely and steadily, not rushing things but doing things properly, correctly and honestly.

“This has been our business plan from the start and we’re following that to the letter.”

Since opening last June, Adrian and business development consultant Michaela Posnett have been joined by branch consultant Lina Banyte and regional permanent consultant Gerry Posnett, Michaela’s mum.

“Lina holds a very important role within the business, mainly focused around recruiting our temporary workforce and managing them,” Michaela said.

“She matches the candiates to the relevant companies and positions that best suit the skills they have and the role they wish to be in.

“Gerry has more than 25 years’ experience in senior retail management and an understanding of how to truly motivate people to maximise their potential.

“Because of her personnel and business experience, we saw an opportunity to fit Gerry into our permanent recruitment market, going from shop floor to senior management and chief executive officer level, putting forward a number of candidates and securing a number of extra bookings.”

The firm’s immediate plans are to “expand organically” by branching into new areas, while looking after the clients and workers they already have.

Adrian said: “We needed just a little bit more space and a better location in Spalding after taking on Lina and Gerry so that Unique Employment Services could be one of the main agencies for temporary workers in the area.

“It’s a great industry to be in and there’s no greater job satisfaction than to help people better themselves by investing time in them.”

Michaela said: “We’re very family-orientated and there’s definitely a place in the market for an employment company that respects its temporary workers.

“We respect our workforce, we look after our workforce and we help people who have suffered in the economic downturn by trying to get them back into the workplace.”

The firm is located on the first floor at 47-49 Winsover Road, Spalding, and you can call them on 01775 761126.