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The colt foal, Towerequine Hullabaloo, bred and owned by Alexandra and Roger took home a higher first premium of 8.71 in the eventing section. A higher first premium indicates that the horse has the potential and outlook to perform at national level.

The BEF Futurity Evaluation series aims to identify British-bred young potential sport horses and ponies destined for careers in dressage, eventing, showjumping or endurance. It may even find the stars of the future who will go on to compete at world championships or become Olympic champions.

Hugo - as Towerequine Hullabaloo is known - is the third generation of horses bred by Alexandra and her husband Roger, who is the head vet at Tower Equine Vets.

The BEF’s Head of Equine Development Jan Rogers said, “We are increasingly noticing that breeders, buyers and riders of British-bred horses are finding that a Futurity premium is a very useful aid in helping assess these horses.

“We are also seeing a marked improvement in the standard of youngsters entered in the futurity.”

, which is very good news for the future of British breeding”.

The 2017 Futurity evaluations run nationwide from the 14th to the 30th August.

Futurity scores are used by many breeders as a credible marketing tool for their young horses, adding value to a young horse whilst it is still too young to have achieved a performance record.