THE MOULTONS PARISH COUNCIL: Rallying call to block planned village estate

St James Church, Moulton Chapel.  'Photo:  SG191012-248TW.
St James Church, Moulton Chapel. 'Photo: SG191012-248TW.
  • Safety, sustainability and ‘prematurity’ objections to 78 homes
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A fresh campaign to stop plans to build nearly 80 new homes in the heart of Moulton Chapel is under way.

Villagers, along with parish, district and county councillors, have all repeated their opposition to a development of up to 78 homes on nearly ten acres of land off Roman Road and Woodgate Road.

I still don’t accept the view that the development is sustainable in the location that it lies

Bob Sutton, of Moulton Chapel

The plans would include the demolition of Moulton Chapel Motors, which would relocate from its current site in Romand Road after almost 60 years, to make way for a pedestrian footpath and cycle route onto Woodgate Road.

But after a large public turnout at a parish council meeting in January when the plans by Woodgate Farms Ltd, of Moulton Chapel, were first aired, strong opposition to it was repeated at June’s meeting in Moulton Seas End last Tuesday.

Speaking at the meeting, Bob Sutton, of Moulton Chapel, said: “I still don’t accept the view that the development is sustainable in the location that it lies.

“Somebody along the line has ignored the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan in thinking that 78 dwellings can be sustained in the village.

“But it will impact on villagers and it doesn’t protect the shop, the butcher’s and the pubs in where the access comes out.

“I would like to think that our locally elected members would represent the views of the parishioners, rather than towing the party line, in objecting to the plans.”

Parish councillors agreed to repeat the objections originally submitted to South Holland District Council in January, including their views that traffic movements would go up, putting pedestrians at risk.

In its statement, the council said: “This applications is seeking to take advantage, and bring forward, an unsuitable site in advance of more suitable sites like to be adopted in the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan.

“As such, the parish council’s first objections is on the grounds of prematurity, likely to prejudice the outcome of the Local Plan.

“Moulton Chapel is a busy village, with narrow roads and a footpath on the northern side only, along Roman Road.

“The bus stop for both schoolchildren and the general public is also located here, very close to the junction with Woodgate Road and Fengate Road.

“With the large number of vehicle and pedestrain movements in this confined area, the parish council therefore objects to this application on the grounds that it will have an unacceptable, detrimental impact on road safety.”

But a planning statement on behalf of Woodgate Homes Ltd said: “The development is close to the village centre and housing here will be a logical village extension.”