The art of hair-ups, by Katy

Queen of the updos Katy Elsey.
Queen of the updos Katy Elsey.
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EVERYONE in need of a personalised updo for a special night out can now go to a specialist who previously concentrated entirely on posh hairstyles for brides.

Katy Elsey had made a name for herself locally as the queen of updos and is now at Renaissance hair salon in New Road, Spalding after spending two years as a mobile bridal stylist.

A mum of four, she wanted to stay at home with her latest baby, who was born in 2010, but friends and clients wouldn’t let her retire and she was back on the road after two weeks.

Katy said: “I love making people look really good for special occasions, it’s my whole life. When I’m out and about I’m constantly looking for ideas. I put everything into my work.”

Katy joined Renaissance, run by Katy Rodgers and Gemma Louth, just five weeks ago and is working there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

She’s taken with her some bookings from brides and the salon is keen to welcome other wedding parties for VIP treatment.

Katy said: “I was getting so busy even though I concentrated entirely on weddings that I decided it would be nice to have a base to work from. I’m glad to be here.”

Katy puts her own hair up most days but she stresses she can never make as good a job of her own updos as other people’s. She said: “The angles are all wrong when you’re doing it yourself, but I have a go anyway!

“The updos people want now for parties and balls or just a special night out are moving away from curly hair-ups which are starting to look a bit old-fashioned and weddingy.

“Plaits are very very popular, fishtail and waterfall plaits particularly. And people love scruffy buns, in the style of J-Lo, but a bit messy, as though they’d done it themselves.”