Tea is served with the taste of old England at new cafe

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From a young age, Julia Farmer of Pinchbeck has dreamt of owning her own cafe.

Now the dream has finally come true in the form of Spirituali-tea in Boston Road South, Holbeach, with its menu of breakfast, salads, cakes and drinks.

Julia said: “I’ve always wanted a cafe of my own and it’s always been at the back of my mind to make it a place where people can come in and experience a bit of nostalgia.

“My pet hate is to go into a cafe or coffee shop and be handed a menu, so I thought it would be nice to have a vintage cafe with proper cups and saucers, where all the food is locally sourced and where people can be reminded of old England.”

Spirituali-tea opened on Saturday within the pub, A String of Horses, after talks between Julia and pub owner Richard Rickerby.

She said: “I’ve known Richard for quite a while and one day, we were talking and throwing ideas around about having half of the pub as a cafe.

“By the end of the day, we decided to do it even though I’d never thought of starting my own business.

“But I had a lot of help from my family and on the opening day, the cafe was absolutely packed full of friends and people I’ve done readings for in my other role as a medium.”

For the first month, Spirituali-tea is opening seven days a week in order to find out when there is most demand from her customers.

“I want people to come here because the atmosphere is different,” Julia said.