Tax office heads to Spalding council HQ

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SPALDING’S tax office will move into a room at South Holland District Council’s headquarters by the end of the month.

The office, which runs an inquiry service on Mondays and Fridays, will leave Holland Road and take up a room at the council’s offices in Priory Road.

HM Revenues and Customs says customers should notice no difference to the service and believes they will be better served by a more central location.

A spokesman said: “We are just looking at the economics and it is much more viable to move into another office and it’s a better premises.

“We have to look at the best use of our resources. To the general public there should be no difference, in fact I think I think it will be better.

“The office is a bit out on a limb where it is. If it’s in with the council offices people can use that and other services. The council are happy, it’s a win-win situation.”

HMRC says staff will move in by February 21. The spokesman said there are between three and six staff in Spalding, depending on demand. Many of the services have already been centralised.

In December we reported how the council was looking to use office space freed up by back office mergers. The deal should bring in £10,340 in rent and charges.

The office will retain its current opening hours of 9.30am to 4.30pm on Mondays and 9am to 4pm on Fridays.

Boston’s tax office will also be moving into the town’s council offices.