Store is ‘zero carbon’

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WORK has been completed on Tesco’s second “zero carbon” store in Bourne.

EIC have been working in the store for the past three months to install energy-saving techniques, including chilled and combined heat and power systems, a “free cooling” air scoop system, which naturally ventilates the building, and lighting control systems.

The building itself is timber-framed and uses skylights and sun pipes to illuminate the shop floor and a combined heat and power plant powered by renewable bio-fuels.

No harmful refrigerants are used in fridges, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Ian Lyall, joint managing director of EIC, said: “The Tesco Zero Carbon store in Bourne will play a powerful role in not only tackling climate change itself but also, perhaps more importantly, in encouraging others to do so too, so we were delighted to be part of its design and build.”