Spalding water tower exterior cleaned like a carpet?

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ANGLIAN Water is in early talks with a firm who could clean up Spalding’s eyesore water tower - and hopes to ease problems with the stench at its problem sewage plant.

The utility firm has come under fire for the dirty state of the town centre landmark and the smells coming from West Marsh Road - but says the the cost of painting and the winter weather have set them back on both fronts.

Spokesman Ciaran Nelson confirmed though that Anglian Water is in talks with a carpet cleaning company - to see if its services can be used to clean rather than paint the tower, but said that talks were in the very early stages.

He said: “We don’t want to give false hope or expectation to the people of Spalding but we are looking into it and are very interested in the possibility.”

At last week’s Spalding Town Forum Coun Gary Taylor said he knew of a firm in the district that could paint the building for as little as £40,000 - much less than the £250,000 quoted previously.

Speaking at Tuesday’s forum meeting, Coun Taylor said: “They are in talks with Anglian Water now. They have met them at the site.

“There are some talks going on now as we speak. The fight goes on but it’s clearly not going to cost £250,000.”

Mr Nelson said discussions are not far enough forward to have covered the cost and stressed this would be a clean up and not a re-paint of the building.

At the forum Coun Howard Johnson said it was time the company acted on the the water tower and the West Marsh Road sewage works, and branded both “a disgrace”.

Coun Johnson said: “I drove along there yesterday and if you hadn’t got a strong constitution you could pass out.

“In terms of air quality along West Marsh Road it’s nothing short of poison. They just need telling to get on with it.”

Mr Nelson said “lime dosing” had been put down at the plant and was beginning to work - but said sub zero temperatures lessened its impact over the Christmas period.

He said: “The bottom line is we are talking about a sewage plant that treats human waste, it is always going to have an odour but what we can influence is how significant that is.

“The lime dosing was starting to work and there is no reason that it cannot become more effective as the temperature rises.”