Spalding store loses alcohol licence after suspicions of ‘wrongdoing’

Super Sam off-licence in Commercial Rd, Spalding.
Super Sam off-licence in Commercial Rd, Spalding.
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A Spalding off-licence has lost its right to sell alcohol after suggestions that staff were involved in the smuggling of illegal cigarettes.

The premises licence for Super Sam in Commercial Road, Spalding, was revoked, after a hearing yesterday (Thursday) when evidence was presented of CCTV cameras being moved and customers that were “served down aisles”.

A three-person licensing panel for South Holland District Council made its ruling today which licensees Ahmed Ishmail Mawldi and Faraidun Ahmed Abdulla have 21 days to appeal against to a magistrates court.

Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire Trading Standards and the district council’s own licensing officers had jointly called for the store’s premises licence to be reviewed after a vist on July 8 when illegal cigarettes were found.

A statement on behalf of Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Neil Rhodes said: “Police have obtained evidence which indicates that the management of these premises have been operating in such a manner as to undermine these licensing objectives by the keeping of smuggled goods on the premises.”

Yesterday’s licensing hearing was a resumption of one initially heard on September 28 when it was adjourned for police to view CCTV footage from the store, dating back to before July 4.

Since the first hearing, Mr Abdulla had applied for both a transfer and variation of premises licence to himself from current licence holder Joanna Rychuk.

But in its ruling, the licensing panel said: “There is a history of failing to comply with conditions upon the licence.

“Both Mr Mawlodi and Mr Abdulla suggested that they lacked the necessary knowledge to successfully run the business.

“During the hearing, it was admitted by those involved in the premises that sales were made in July of non-duty paid cigarettes which had been acquired from a non-reputable source.

“The moving of cameras, or serving of customers down aisles, again suggests that the parties were aware of wrongdoing.”