Sarah’s Stockings are ready to take Christmas by storm

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There can be little more traditional than a stocking above an open fire, waiting for Santa to fill it with goodies.

It’s the sort of thing you Christmas cards and films are made of.

But these days, the open fire has gone and aren’t we all looking for something a little bit different? Well this Christmas, look no further.

Based in Deeping St James, Sarah’s Stockings has many individually homemade stockings which cater for all age grounds.

In her own words, Sarah Moore says “stockings have just gone grown up”.

She said: “We all remember as children receiving small gifts in stockings but how about those special little gifts we give to adults?

“My stockings are all unique and look great as a decorative piece in any house during the festive season and with a range of designs available, there is literally a stocking for any age group.”

Sarah makes all the stockings herself at home and came up with the idea when she was looking for some stockings to put some small Christmas gifts in.

She said: “I noticed they are all pretty much your standard Christmas-type stocking and had the idea that they could still be Christmassy but be a bit more interesting and fun.

“This expanded to all kinds of different and exciting patterned fabrics and the response so far as been very encouraging, with people loving the individuality of each one!”

Sarah’s Stockings will be attending this month’s Christmas Market in Market Deeping on November 25.

Find her on Twitter and Facebook by searching ‘Sarah’s Stockings’.