Regeneration of Spalding: talks with council leader today

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THE MAN behind bold plans that he says will regenerate Spalding will meet with South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter today.

Sustainable Spalding’s Richard Garvie says he has struck up a deal with a firm that wants to run a multiplex cinema in the town centre, and says this could be funded from a new supermarket.

Last month Coun Porter urged Mr Garvie to “put up or shut up” – calling for him to show the detail behind his plans or ditch the idea.

The two have now arranged to meet today and Mr Garvie said he will be looking for Coun Porter to offer support for Sustainable Spalding.

The plan would be to set up a regeneration firm to entice new developers to the town, paid for by the companies it is able to attract.

Mr Garvie said: “My message to Coun Porter will be very clear, the council need to either support my plans or tell me that they don’t want me to go ahead with them.

“Spalding needs this project as part of a much wider regeneration programme that I am trying to make a reality, and if we do not adopt this programme as a town, I fear for the future of our community.

“That being said, if the council are going to continue working against me, trying to derail what is essentially a not-for-profit project which will bring important benefits to the town, I may as well look to do something elsewhere.”

Coun Porter is challenging Mr Garvie to show how he will be able to deliver his plans, and prove his is an idea worth pursuing.

He said: “He has made some statements and I will be happy to see how he backs that up. If he can convince me then I will be more than happy to support him.

“If he comes and gives me a load of flannel then I’ve got better things to do with my time.”