Our firms can help fire crews

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LINCOLNSHIRE Fire and Rescue is asking local businesses to give their employees the flexibility to serve as on-call firefighters.

The majority of Lincolnshire is covered by on-call firefighters, who attend emergencies on an as-needed basis. They need to be able to respond to a call within five minutes and this may be during their normal working hours.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is asking employers to sign an agreement allowing their staff to serve at their local community fire station whenever they are needed.

It’s a commitment that can bring real benefits to an organisation, including additional skills and recognition for making a really positive contribution to the local area.

Laura Wint-McKane, recruitment officer for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “On-call firefighters are vital to the safety of Lincolnshire and its residents, visitors and businesses. By allowing your employees to serve as an on-call firefighter you’re helping to ensure that we can respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. Not only does this benefit your community, there are benefits for your business as well, such as local recognition and staff development.”

For further information, contact Laura on 01522 582279 or email laura.wint-mckane@lincoln.fire-uk.org