New tourism plan for South Holland

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Hopes of a new body being formed to promote tourism in South Holland have been confirmed by the man running a top visitor attraction in the area.

David Norton, chief executive of Springfields Horticultural Society which runs its Festival Gardens, said progress was being made slowly to create a tourism management organisation to attract visitors to the area.

The new body would aim to boost tourist numbers in the area and take advantage of South Holland’s geographical position close to The Fens, The Wash and Norfolk Broads.

Mr Norton said: “The intention is to create a South Lincolnshire Destination Management organisation that would bring together Spalding, Boston, Stamford and other locations in the area to jointly promote the visitor offerings there are here.

“It will be focused on waterways, the area’s natural landscape and opportunities for walking and cycling, as well as South Holland’s easy access to The Wash.

“This fits in with the new Visit Lincolnshire destination plan that will organise tourism and marketing for the county.”

The new body is hoping to benefit from the publication of a new visitor brochure for Spalding and South Holland which promotes the area as “a destination for all season.”

Mr Norton said: “There has been a move by Lincolnshire Enterprise Partnership to fund a new tourism plan for the county.

“There are Visit Lincoln and Visit the Coast partnerships already and, as Spalding and District Chamber of Commerce, we’re working with them to set up a similar organisation for south Lincolnshire.

“We have a range of hotels, restaurants and other attractions in a convenient setting, so they can get involved in this project as well.”