Neighbour objects to alcohol licence

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FED-up resident Graham Richardson is objecting to another Eastern European mini-market with a drinks licence opening in Spalding.

This time the ‘Lithuanian Food Store’ is next door in Pinchbeck Road – at the former Peacock pub – and he says it will only add to the public nuisance sparked by similar businesses nearby.

Mr Richardson (44) has lodged a formal objection with South Holland District Council’s licencing team to the out-sales drinks licence sought by Karolina Malauskaite.

In a letter to the licensing team, Mr Richardson says: “The entrance door to my property is recessed and is already quite often used as a urinal, smoking shelter, somewhere to throw up and convenient place to sit and eat takeaways as well as drink shop-purchased beer.

“I have to deal with the aftermath caused by these practices on a regular basis.”

Mr Richardson rents out the shop below his home and believes his tenant may quit if the alcohol licence is granted.

He said: “Although a new shop opening is a good thing, if it means another closes down because of it, it is not the way forward and the answer to vacant properties in the town centre.”

Mr Richardson says there are already four Eastern European mini-markets along Westlode Street – which is less than a half a mile long – and the main clientele come from a culture where it is “considered acceptable to be outside drinking and socialising, often with raised voices,” up to 4am.

A council spokesman said the application and the representation made by Mr Richardson are being considered and the authority will speak to both parties.

Police licensing sergeant Jock Watt said the force is satisfied with safeguards put in place by Ms Malauskaite, which include staff training, CCTV and ‘Challenge 25’, and is not objecting to the plan.